About Me

My name is Robert Heagy.  I am husband to a beautiful and loving wife, father to three of the cutest and most troublesome children you've ever seen, and an artist trying to share my work with the world.  My passion in photography stems from my need to create as well my desire to be in nature and travel the world.  My photos are an outlet of my creativity and not a record of the physical world.

Artist Statement

I am a photographer/artist living and working in Spokane, WA. I received a B.A. in Art from Eastern Washington University focusing on sculpture and 3D Animation. Having studied the 3D world in both the physical and digital realms my work has an acute attention to depth and composition. As an artist my work focuses on my personal vision and interpretation of the world and is not meant to be seen as a historical or journalist representation. The camera and computer are used as tools in the creation of the work and the photograph is but a starting reference to the final result.

My photography is not the typical “moment in time” but any moment in time. The world is what we make of it and with an infinite amount of possibilities, photography is but one manner of portraying the world as we each may see it. My photographs are not the way the scene was at the time the shutter was released, but what it could have been as I envisioned it.

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